• 520 MW ,Omkareshwar Power Station-Transformer Yard

  • 520 MW Omkareshwar Power Station-220 kV Switchyard

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project- Generator Floor Of Power House

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project-400 kV Switchyard

Commercial Introduction

NHDC presently has two power projects namely Indira Sagar Power Station (ISPS) with installed capacity of 1000 MW (8 x 125 MW), under O&M stage since Mar'2005 and Omkareshwar Power Project (OSP) with installed capacity of 520 MW (8 x 65 MW), all the eight units of which have been put under commercial operation by November'2007.
Sale of Power is the core business of NHDC and the commercial aspects of sale of power by NHDC power stations are being handled by Commercial Division. This division is an important unit of Corporate Office and has been assigned responsibilities of preparation of tariff petitions for fixation of tariff of all the operating power stations of the corporation from time to time as per the guidelines of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)*, signing of Power Purchase Agreements for the upcoming power stations of NHDC with Bulk Power Consumers, Billing for the energy supplied from Operating Power Stations and revenue realization, reconciliation of accounts, and coordination with Ministry of Power, various Regional Power Committee (RPCs), Regional Load Dispatch Centres (RLDCs) / State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC), MP Power Management Co. Ltd., CERC, CEA and other Power Sector utilities.
* Established under ERC Act 1998, now replaced by Electricity Act, 2003

S.No. Name of Project Date of Commercial Operation
1. Indira Sagar Power Station ( 8 x 125 MW )  
  Unit – I 14.01.2004
  Unit – II 18.01.2004
  Unit – III 06.03.2004
  Unit – IV 29.03.2004
  Unit – V 27.07.2004
  Unit – VI 07.01.2005
  Unit – VII 01.11.2004
  Unit – VIII 30.03.2005
2. Omkareshwar Power Station ( 8 x 65 MW )  
  Unit – I 20.08.2007
  Unit – II 25.08.2007
  Unit – III 11.09.2007
  Unit – IV 26.09.2007
  Unit – V 19.10.2007
  Unit – VI 30.10.2007
  Unit – VII 10.11.2007
  Unit – VIII 15.11.2007

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