The Hydro Sector, of late, has realised that though it is by far the best Environmentally preferred option of energy generation, there is stillroom for improvement so as to make it sustainable.

NHDC Limited is a joint venture of NHPC Ltd. and Government of Madhya Pradesh, for execution, operation and maintenance of two ambitious projects viz. Indira Sagar Project and Omkareshwar Project on river Narmada on ownership basis.

NHDC is fully conscious of its responsibility towards conservation of Environment while executing these Hydroelectric Projects. All out efforts are made to offset any inadvertent impact on Environment. The projects on Narmada river, as a matter of fact have been precursor in initiating debate on Environment conservation and Hydro Power Development in India and as a result passed through a very stringent environmental scrutiny.

NHDC believes in the fact that the Human race is dependent on the well being of our natural resources, floral and faunal diversity and other Environmental parameters. Big storage schemes on one hand takes care of vagaries of monsoon, on the other hand these schemes provide irrigation facilities in large areas. However, these schemes also entail ecological changes. It therefore, is inevitable to for see, plan for and mitigate unintended undesirable environmental impacts due to these schemes

The Indira Sagar Project and Omkareshwar Project are already cleared from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. The following Environmental requirements are being taken care of :

  • Catch Area treatment.
  • Compensatory Afforestation.
  • Command Area Development.
  • Flora/Fauna and carrying capacity of adjoining areas.
  • Seismicity.
  • Health Aspects
  • Archaeological/Anthropological Aspects.
  • Resettlement & Rehabilitation of displaced persons

  • NHDC is committed to comply with all the legal environmental requirements and always strives to prevent environmental degradation during the course of execution of its projects.

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