• 520 MW ,Omkareshwar Power Station-Transformer Yard

  • 520 MW Omkareshwar Power Station-220 kV Switchyard

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project- Generator Floor Of Power House

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project-400 kV Switchyard

Roles and Responsibility

A. Power Engineering Wing

  • Monitoring of operation & Maintenance aspect of Indira Sagar and Omkareshwar Power Stations.
  • Formulation of policies and guidelines on best of O&M practices, updating and modernization of electro mechanical and other equipments for O&M of ISP & OSP.
  • Technical audit of electro mechanical and hydro mechanical equipments for O&M of ISP & OSP.
  • Checking and submission of revenue budget in association with finance wing of corporate office and projects.
  • Finalization of O&M manual of electro mechanical and hydro mechanical structure of ISP and OSP.
  • Any E&M design related works including R&D for ISP and OSP.
  • E&M design and other associated works for preparation of DPR of new projects.
  • Compilation of technical documentation, Completion reports, Commissioning reports etc. in respect of E&M works of ISP and OSP.
  • Complete electrical maintenance of all installations, sub-stations etc. at corporate office including guest houses.

B. Contract and Procurement wing.
  • All contract matters pertaining to Civil / Electrical / Miscellaneous works of ISP and OSP falling beyond the powers of HOP.
  • Procurement of major Equipments / Plants / Materials etc. as per the requirements submitted by ISP and OSP.
  • Process of all contracts and procurements cases of ISP and OSP for closing / finalization / time extension / deviation etc. as received for approval at Corporate Office.
  • Co-ordinating and handling of all Arbitration matters pertaining to ISP and OSP.
  • Providing assistance to ISP / OSP to submit replies by the projects for various contractual and others matters.
  • Handling contracts and procurements cases related to corporate office, Bhopal.
  • Dealing with various matters which are dealt through committees for approval of CED / Board of Directors, such as revision of DOP etc.

C. State co-ordinating wing
  • Follow-up for R&R activities of ISP and OSP including handling over of R&R facilities to State Govt. and other agencies.
  • Coordination and follow up High Court and Supreme Court cases pertaining of R&R or any other related matters against NHDC.
  • Interaction, Coordination and follow up with M.P. State Govt., NVDA, NVDD, NCA, CWC, Survey of India or any other Govt. agencies which are required in connection with ISO and OSP.
  • Interaction and coordination with MPSEB / MPPTC / any other GOVT. Deptt. Of M.P. regarding any technical matter and mattes pertaining to sale of power, revenue realization etc.
  • Any other matters pertaining to coordination with State Govt., Central Govt. offices, which are required in connection with any issue of NHDC.

  • All matters concerning electronic data processing, computers and sophisticated communication.
  • Development and implementation of software packages required by different divisions of the Corporate Office and Projects.
  • Maintenance of computers and computer centers of Corporate Office and assisting the Projects.
  • Assistance required by different divisions of the Corporate Office for INTERNET related services.
  • Technical specification for computers, evaluation of offers in respect of technical aspects and assistance inspection/ checking.
  • Professional upgradation including recommending Training Programmes for employees in the Division.


(A) Personnel

  • Formulation of Corporate Personnel Policies & Awards/Rewards.
  • Maintenance of hormonious Industrial Relations.
  • Formulation, negotiations and implementation of wage structure.
  • Recruitment, placement and establishment matters for Executive, Non-Executive.
  • Manpower planning, career development & redeployment. SC/ST matters & liaison thereof. OBC/ Physical Handicapped/ other reservation and follow up thereof.
  • Management Information System relating to Personnel. Submission of various returns. Court cases arising out of Corporation Personnel Policies.
  • Confidential Cell (Maintenance of PARs).

(B) Training

  • Identification and analysis of training needs in different functional areas of
  • the Organisation in consultation with other Divisions and Projects.
  • Planning and organising in-house and external training programmes. Foreign training programmes.
  • Induction and orientation programmes for Trainee Executives / Workmen.
  • Re-training in various skills to facilitate re-deployment of personnel.

(C) Administration

  • Time Management Office.
  • Employees Insurance & Employees Welfare Including distribution of liveries / uniforms.
  • Control & Maintenance of reciept and dispatch of Central Dak & Control room / reception.
  • Issue of identity cards to reegular employees and compliance oflabour laws.

(D) Laws

  • Scrutiny, advice and assist in compliance of various laws related to the Corporation except for Companies Act/Income Tax Act and related laws.
  • Handling Court cases of the Corporation and providing Assistance in Arbitration cases.
  • Tendering legal advice, conveyancing, drafting and processing of legal deeds and documents.
  • Legal vetting of documents where ever required.
  • Empanelment of Advocates/Arbitrators and fixation of their Terms and conditions etc. Professional upgradation including recommending Training Programmes for employees in the Division.

(E) Corporate Communication Division

  • Planning & Undertaking work programme/activities directed at building up of Corporate image.
  • Organising Press and VIP visits to various Projects and Corporate Office.
  • Organising participation in Fairs & Exhibitions to project Corporation's roles and activities.
  • Publication of advertisements of various divisions as per requirement and Printing of annual report/printing material including Annual calendar and diaries etc.
  • Organising Cultural Activities, Sports Meets, entertainment excursions.
  • Maintenance/Circulation of press clippings relating to Corporate activities and other aspects of interest to the Corporation.

(F) Medical Services

  • Medical consultation to Corporate Office employees and their families. Follow up of serious and complicated cases admitted in various hospitals in Bhopal.
  • Monitoring of in-door admissions. Advice on employees reimbursement bills both in-door and out-door treatment.
  • Planning for medical services in Corporate Office as well as for the projects.
  • Empanelment of hospitals for the Corporate Office as well as for the projects.
  • Recommend Training programme for Doctors and paramedical Staff.

(G) Raj Bhasha Function

  • Motivation of employees to use hindi on routine official duties and translation works.
  • Liaison with Ministry of Power and various departments including official language department.
  • Convening quarterly meetings of official language & implementation of various provisions of the official language Act & Rules.
  • Organising Hindi workshops & Publication of Hindi patrika "Aarohan" and review & inspection of use of Hindi in various projects.

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