• 520 मेगावाट ओंकारेश्वर परियोजना ट्रासफार्मर यार्ड

  • 520 मेगावाट ओंकारेश्वर परियोजना – 220 केवी स्विचयार्ड

  • 1000 मेगावाट इंदिरासागर परियोजना विद्युत गृह जनेरेटर फ्लोर

  • 1000 मेगावाट इंदिरासागर परियोजना स्विचयार्ड

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NIT NumberDescriptionPublication DatePublication on WebSale DurationSubmission Date & TimeExtended Submission Date & TimeOpening Date & TimeExtended Opening DateEstimated CostEMDCorrigendum StatusDownload/View TenderDocLink to E-Procurement site
NIT No 09/1183/2019-20 Dated 18/07/2019 R & M CONTROL ROOM OF PUMP HOUSE FOR WATER SUPPLY AT INTAKE POINT OF INDIRA SAGAR POWER STATION, NARMADA NAGAR, DISTT. KHANDWA (M.P.) 20-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 20-Jul-19 To 22-Aug-19 22-Aug-19 & 04:30 PM 23-Aug-19 & 4:30 PM 3330562 Rupees 67000 Rupees No Download
NHDC 1C 703 19 2543 Design, Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Contract for 25 MW capacity (13MW + 12MW) Floating Solar Power Project at Omkareshwar reservoir, Khandwa District in the state of MP with its comprehensive operation & maintenance for 5 years. 19-Jul-19 22-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 To 10-Sep-19 10-Sep-19 & 04:00 PM 11-Sep-19 & 04:00 PM 1293900134 Rupees 15000000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/4/C-4/CXC-08/19/0899 NIT 899 Repair of Intakewell and filter plant building of water supply system at resettlement site New Harsood Chhanera under ISP district Khandwa MP 19-Jul-19 18-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 To 13-Aug-19 13-Aug-19 & 03:00 PM 14-Aug-19 & 03:30 PM 1603118 Rupees 33000 Rupees No Download Link
NHDC/3/C/790/NIT- 371/19/1579 Dated 17.07.2019 Supply and Installation of Automatic Street Light Switch at Omkareshwar Power Station 19-Jul-19 18-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 To 09-Aug-19 09-Aug-19 & 03:00 PM 14-Aug-19 & 04:00 PM 300000 Rupees 6000 Rupees No Download
NIT No 08/1186/2019-20 dated 17/07/2019 Providing services of 13 nos. vehicle Mahindra Bolero (Power + SLX) AC with Power Steering or equivalent or higher version, Model 2019 & Onwards , 6+1 seating capacity, Ex showroom condition along with drivers on round the clock basis for inspection duty at Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, Distt : Khandwa (M.P.). 19-Jul-19 18-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 To 19-Aug-19 19-Aug-19 & 4:30 PM 20-Aug-19 & 05:00 PM 14308632 Rupees 286000 Rupees No Download
NIT No 07/1184/2019-20 Datewd 17/07/2019 Providing services of 01 no. vehicle Toyota Innova Crysta top variant (diesel) or equivalent or higher, AC model 2019 or onwards, Ex showroom condition and 03 nos. vehicles (Mahindra Scorpio, S7 or equivalent or higher AC, model 2019 or onwards, Ex showroom condition) alongwith drivers for Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, Distt : Khandwa (M.P.) 19-Jul-19 18-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 To 19-Aug-19 19-Aug-19 & 04:30 PM 20-Aug-19 & 4:30 PM 6245136 Rupees 125000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/789/19/NIT-372/1607 Dated 19.07.2019 Procurement of Wires and Cable for Omkareshwar Power Station. 19-Jul-19 19-Jul-19 20-Jul-19 To 09-Aug-19 09-Aug-19 & 03:00 PM 09-Aug-19 & 04:00 PM 186000 Rupees 4000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/020/NIT- 370/19/1577 Dated 17.07.2019 Providing Service of 01 No. Mahindra XUV 500 (W7)/ Mahindra Scorpio (S9) or equivalent or higher model Jan 2019 (onwards) along with driver for Omkareshwar Power Station 18-Jul-19 18-Jul-19 18-Jul-19 To 08-Aug-19 08-Aug-19 & 03:00 PM 14-Aug-19 & 04:00 PM 1446000 Rupees 29000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/4/C-4/CXC-07/19/0898 NIT 898 Job work for Operation running and day to day care of all components of water supply system at various resettlement sites of Indira Sagar Project district Khandwa MP 16-Jul-19 15-Jul-19 16-Jul-19 To 16-Aug-19 16-Aug-19 & 03:00 PM 17-Aug-19 & 03:30 PM 7612854 Rupees 153000 Rupees No Download Link
NHDC/4/C-4/CXC-05/19/0896 NIT 896 Job work for up keeping and maintenance including safety and day to day care of Parks at Khandwa and resettlement site under NHDC R and R Khandwa MP 13-Jul-19 12-Jul-19 13-Jul-19 To 07-Aug-19 07-Aug-19 & 03:00 PM 08-Aug-19 & 03:30 PM 1566324 Rupees 32000 Rupees No Download Link
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