• 520 MW ,Omkareshwar Power Station-Transformer Yard

  • 520 MW Omkareshwar Power Station-220 kV Switchyard

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project- Generator Floor Of Power House

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project-400 kV Switchyard

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NIT NumberDescriptionPublication DatePublication on WebSale DurationSubmission Date & TimeExtended Submission Date & TimeOpening Date & TimeExtended Opening DateEstimated CostEMDCorrigendum StatusDownload/View TenderDoc
NHDC/4/C-4/CLXXX-04/18/0870 Construction of approach road and pipe culverts to farmers fields of village Jhingadhad under ISP,district-Khandwa (MP) 25-Jan-18 24-Jan-18 25-Jan-18 To 23-Feb-18 23-Feb-18 & 03:00 PM 26-Feb-18 & 03:30 PM 14282850 Rupees 286000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/4/C-4/CLXXX-05/18/0871 NIT 871 : Construction of Box Culvert (10 openings of 4m X 4m) on approach to farmers fields on Bandi nalla at Charkheda Raiyat under ISP, district-Khandwa (MP) 25-Jan-18 24-Jan-18 25-Jan-18 To 23-Feb-18 23-Feb-18 & 03:00 PM 26-Feb-18 & 03:30 PM 11462249 Rupees 230000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/442/NIT- 203/18/0229 Date: 23.01.2018 Enhancement of height of Safety Wall at Power House Transformer Deck TRC side area 25-Jan-18 24-Jan-18 25-Jan-18 To 15-Feb-18 15-Feb-18 & 3:00 PM 20-Feb-18 & 4:00 PM 500000 Rupees 10000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/2/C/1154/18/182-196 dated 20/01/2018 SUPPLY OF COMPUTERS AT INDIRA SAGAR POWER STATION, NARMADA NAGAR, DISTT. KHANDWA (M.P.) 24-Jan-18 23-Jan-18 24-Jan-18 To 14-Feb-18 14-Feb-18 & 4:30 PM 15-Feb-18 & 4:30 PM 1250800 Rupees 26000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/4/C-4/CLXXX-03/18/0869 NIT-869: Construction of approach road & Box culvert to reach farmers fields at village Nandgaon Raiyat & Pratappura under ISP, district Khandwa (MP) 23-Jan-18 23-Jan-18 24-Jan-18 To 17-Feb-18 17-Feb-18 & 03:00 PM 19-Feb-18 & 03:30 PM 1836415 Rupees 37000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/428/NIT- 202/18/210 Dated 20.01.2018 Providing Cleaning and Housekeeping services for power House, Switchyard and associated area of Omkareshwar Power Station 22-Jan-18 22-Jan-18 22-Jan-18 To 05-Feb-18 05-Feb-18 & 03:00 PM 10-Feb-18 & 04:00 PM 8441000 Rupees 169000 Rupees No Download
NIT No. 29/1109/2017-18 Dated 18/01/2018 Waterproofing on roof 0f ITI Hostel, Narmada Nagar, Distt Khandwa, Distt. Khandwa (M.P). 22-Jan-18 22-Jan-18 22-Jan-18 To 15-Feb-18 15-Feb-18 & 4:30 PM 16-Feb-18 & 4:30 PM 1996037 Rupees 40000 Rupees No Download
NIT No. 28/1106/2017-18 Dated 18/01/2018 Internal painting of Power House at Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, Distt. Khandwa (M.P). 22-Jan-18 22-Jan-18 22-Jan-18 To 21-Feb-18 21-Feb-18 & 4:30 PM 22-Feb-18 & 16:30 PM 4085898 Rupees 82000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/712/NIT- 201 /17/174 , dated: 17.01.2018 Procurement of Pesticides for Spraying / Laying at Urja Vihar Colony & Godharpura Colony, Omkareshwar Power Station, Siddhwarkut 19-Jan-18 18-Jan-18 19-Jan-18 To 09-Feb-18 09-Feb-18 & 03:00 PM 14-Feb-18 & 04:00 PM 281450 Rupees 6000 Rupees No Download
NIT No NHDC/2/C/1134/18/126-140 dated 16/01/2018 Annual Rate Contract for a period of One Year for Supply of Xerox make Copy Cartridges & Toner Cartridges at Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, Distt. Khandwa (M.P.). 18-Jan-18 17-Jan-18 18-Jan-18 To 08-Feb-18 08-Feb-18 & 4:00 PM 09-Feb-18 & 4:30 PM 839104 Rupees 17000 Rupees No Download
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