• 520 MW ,Omkareshwar Power Station-Transformer Yard

  • 520 MW Omkareshwar Power Station-220 kV Switchyard

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project- Generator Floor Of Power House

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project-400 kV Switchyard

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NIT NumberDescriptionPublication DatePublication on WebSale DurationSubmission Date & TimeExtended Submission Date & TimeOpening Date & TimeExtended Opening DateEstimated CostEMDCorrigendum StatusDownload/View TenderDoc
NHDC/3/C/732/NIT-251/18/1731, dated: 21.07.2018 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV System at Admin Building of Omkareshwar Power Station 21-Jul-18 21-Jul-18 21-Jul-18 To 13-Aug-18 13-Aug-18 & 03:00 PM 18-Aug-18 & 04:00 PM 446359 Rupees 9000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/466/NIT-248/18/1707 Dated 18.07.2018 Maintenance of Lawn at Urja Vihar Parisar, Siddhawarkut 21-Jul-18 21-Jul-18 21-Jul-18 To 16-Aug-18 16-Aug-18 & 03:00 PM 21-Aug-18 & 04:00 PM 14106000 Rupees 282000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/467/NIT-249/18/1708 Dated 18.07.2018 Providing Services for R & M Works for Water Supply System, Civil, Carpentary & Plumbing Works at Urja Vihar and Godarpura Colony of Omkareshwar Power Station 21-Jul-18 21-Jul-18 21-Jul-18 To 16-Aug-18 16-Aug-18 & 03:00 PM 21-Aug-18 & 04:00 PM 10773000 Rupees 215000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/704/NIT- 250/18/1710, DATED: 19.07.2018 Supply and Retrofitting of Air Circuit Breaker, rating 1600 Amps. at Power House Omkareshwar Power Station 19-Jul-18 19-Jul-18 19-Jul-18 To 09-Aug-18 09-Aug-18 & 03:00 PM 16-Aug-18 & 04:00 PM 1293924 Rupees 26000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/714/NIT-247/18/1685 , Dated: 16.07.2018 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Air Ventilation System in Dam Gallery and Power Dam Gallery of Omkareshwar Power Station 18-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 18-Jul-18 To 08-Aug-18 08-Aug-18 & 03:00 PM 14-Aug-18 & 04:00 PM 246542 Rupees 5000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/425(R)/NIT-246/18/1659 Dated 13.07.2018 Repair and Maintenance of Choral Bridge and Protection work of Barwah-Siddhwarkut Road under Omkareshwar Power Station 17-Jul-18 21-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 To 13-Aug-18 13-Aug-18 & 03:00 PM 18-Aug-18 & 04:00 PM 8856000 Rupees 177000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/2/C/1171/18/1824-1838 Dated 14/07/2018 SUPPLY OF CABLE TRAY COVERS FOR DAM OF INDIRA SAGAR POWER STATION, NARMADA NAGAR, DISTT. KHANDWA (M.P.) 17-Jul-18 16-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 To 09-Aug-18 09-Aug-18 & 04:30 PM 10-Aug-18 & 04:30 PM 674000 Rupees 13000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/461/NIT-245/18/1648 Dated 12.07.2018 Providing Secretarial Services at Omkareshwar Power Station, Siddhawarkut 16-Jul-18 17-Jul-18 16-Jul-18 To 11-Aug-18 11-Aug-18 & 03:00 PM 16-Aug-18 & 04:00 PM 9756000 Rupees 195000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/2/C/1169/18/1776-1789 dated 11.7.2018 Supply of Samsung make printer cartridges/Toner at Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, Distt. Khandwa (M.P.) 14-Jul-18 14-Jul-18 14-Jul-18 To 06-Aug-18 06-Aug-18 & 4:00 PM 07-Aug-18 & 4:30 PM 313054 Rupees 7000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/4/C-4/CLXXX-15/18/0881 NIT-881 : Installation, Operation and Maintenance of photocopy machine at R&R office on unit job rate basis for carrying out the photocopy work of various divisions of NHDC R&R office, Khandwa (MP) 13-Jul-18 13-Jul-18 14-Jul-18 To 07-Aug-18 07-Aug-18 & 03:00 PM 08-Aug-18 & 03:30 PM 458304 Rupees 10000 Rupees No Download
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