• 520 मेगावाट ओंकारेश्वर परियोजना ट्रासफार्मर यार्ड

  • 520 मेगावाट ओंकारेश्वर परियोजना – 220 केवी स्विचयार्ड

  • 1000 मेगावाट इंदिरासागर परियोजना विद्युत गृह जनेरेटर फ्लोर

  • 1000 मेगावाट इंदिरासागर परियोजना स्विचयार्ड

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NIT No.LocationDescriptionPublication DatePublication on WebDownload/View TenderDoc
NIT No. 19/1200/2019-20 DATED 15/10/2019 Indira Sagar Power Station Renovation of 05 nos. Seismic observatory buildings and 01 nos. sensor pit at Pandhana observatory situated on periphery of ISP reservoir (Narmada Nagar, Khandwa, Channera, Hirapur, Kannod and Pandhana) 14-Nov-19 14-Nov-19 Download
NHDC/3/C/801/NIT- 391/19/2355 dated 21.10.2019 Omkareshwar Power Station Corrigendum No: 1 12-Nov-19 14-Nov-19 Download
NHDC 1C 703 19 2543 Corporate Office, Bhopal CORRIGENDUM No. 06 "Design,Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Contract for 25 MW (13MW + 12MW) capacity Floating Solar Power Project at Omkareshwar Reservoir, Khandwa district in the state of MP with its Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance for 5 years" 14-Nov-19 14-Nov-19 Download
NHDC/3/C/469/NIT- 264/18/1926 Dated 21.08.2018 Omkareshwar Power Station Cancellation Corrigendum for Analysis and Interpretation of Dam Instrumentation Data for Omkareshwar Power Station for the Period May 2013 to Dec. 2018 12-Nov-19 14-Nov-19 Download
NHDC/3/C/786/NIT-373/19/1666 Date: 24.07.2019 Omkareshwar Power Station Cancellation corrigendum for Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 25Kwp Grid connected Roof Top PV Solar Power Plant and Equipment at NHDC Ltd. Transit Camp Cum Liasion office – indore for Omkareshwar Power Station 12-Nov-19 14-Nov-19 Download
NHDC/3/C/027/NIT- 393/19/2373 Dated 22.10.2019 Omkareshwar Power Station Corrigendum no 1 for Two Year Comprehensive Maintenance Service Contract of Photocopy Machine Installed at Omkareshwar Power Station 14-Nov-19 14-Nov-19 Download
NIT NO 11/1181/2019-20 DATED 28/08/2019 Indira Sagar Power Station EXTENSION 08-Nov-19 08-Nov-19 Download
NIQ No NHDC/2C/1196/19/1843-1848 Dated 10/09/2019 Indira Sagar Power Station Extension - 7 07-Nov-19 07-Nov-19 Download
NHDC/3/C/802/NIT-389/19/2260 Dated 03.10.2019 Omkareshwar Power Station Corrigendum No: 2 for the work of Procurement of Weatherproof Telephone Sets for dam galleries at Omkareshwar Power Station. 05-Nov-19 05-Nov-19 Download
NIT No. 18/1198/2019-20 Dated 30/09/2019 Indira Sagar Power Station EXT 1 05-Nov-19 05-Nov-19 Download
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