• 520 MW ,Omkareshwar Power Station-Transformer Yard

  • 520 MW Omkareshwar Power Station-220 kV Switchyard

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project- Generator Floor Of Power House

  • 1000 MW Indira Sagar Project-400 kV Switchyard

Omkareshwar Power Station

Indira Sagar Power Station Omkareshwar Power Station is a multipurpose project, which offers opportunity of power generation & irrigation on both the banks of river Narmada in districts Khandwa, Khargone & Dhar of Madhya Pradesh. The project is situated 80 km from Indore and 40 km downstream of Indira Sagar Project. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) sanctioned the Project with an estimated cost of Rs.2224.73 Crores (Nov. 2002 Price Level) and total gestation period of 5 years. Omkareswar project was cleared by CCEA on 29.03.2003. The foundation stone of this project was laid by the then hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 30.08.2003. All the eight units of this project have started generation power from Nov. 2007 well ahead of sanctioned schedule. Due to early commissioning of units, substantial amount of savings has been made in the actual completion cost. Total installed capacity of the Omkareswar Project is 520 Megawatt (8x65). The project has been designed to generate 1167 Million Units energy annually. Total catchments area at the proposed dame site is 64880 Sq. km, out of which 3238 Sq. is Downstream of Indira Sagar Power Station. The Project consists of 949 m long Concrete Gravity Dam with maximum height of 53 m from the deepest bed level across the river Narmada. A Central Ogee-type spillway 570 m long with crest level EL 179.6 m has been provided to pass the Probable Maximum Flood of 83534 cumecs. 23 No. Radial gates of size 20m x 18m each have been erected for regulation of floodwater. 8 penstocks have been erected in 208 m long Power Dam with maximum height of 49m. 10 Nos. sluice gates of size 3.5m x 4.5m at the level of 173.5 m were provided for diversion purpose which has now been plugged. The surface Power House (202m x 23m x 53m) of the Project is within the body of Dam on the right bank of Narmada consisting of 8 Units of 65 MW capacity each with conventional Francis Type Turbines. Water is carried to the Turbines through 8 no. Penstocks of 7.66 m diameter each. After generation, water is discharged back in the river through 145 m long Tail Race Channel.

  • Layout Plan
  • Features
  • Location
District East Nimad, Khandwa
Latitude 22°14'25"N
Longitude 76°09'45"E
Access to Project
Airport Indore 90Km
Rail Head Khandwa 80 Km
Seaport Mumbai 600 Km
Reservoir Level
Top of Dam(TOD) 203.00 m
Max Water Level(MWL) 199.62 m
Full Reservoir Level (FSL) 196.60 m
Submergence Area At FRL 93.36 Sq Km
Crest Level (Spillway) 179.60 m
Max Tail Water Level 162.76 m
Min Tail Water Level 162.20 m
Min Tail Water Level
(i) Head Race Channel
Length * Width 171.5 X 222 m
Discharge Capacity 1898.00 cumecs
(ii) Penstock
Diameter 7.66 m
(iii) Tail Race Channel
Length * width 192.84 X 204.16 m
River Diversion Work(Diversion Tunnel) 1898.00 cumecs
Cathment Area 64880 Sq Km
90% Dependable Yield 18.57 Billion m cube
Max Flood Outflow 88315 Cumesc
River Diversion Work(Diversion Tunnel)
Design Discharge
Storage Capacity
Gross 0.987 Billion m cube
Live 0.299 Billion m cube
Concrete Gravity Dam
Total Length 949.00 m
Max Height 53.00 m
Intake Structure
Length 212.00 m
Radial Gates
Size(Nos.) 20 x 18.037 m (23Nos)
Switch Yard
Switch Yard 220 kV (Open)
Power House
Type Surface
Installed Capacity 8 X 65(520MW)
Type Of Turbine Francis
Machine Hall 212 x 25.8 x 53 m
Design Head 31.95 m
  Stage-III Stage-II Stage-III
Power(Initial Phase) 1167 MUs 696 MUs 565 MUs
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