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Indira Sagar Power Station

Indira Sagar Power StationIndira Sagar Power Station is situated at 10 Km from the village Punasa in Khandwa District of Madhya Pradesh. The foundation stone of this project was laid by the then Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Late Smt. Indira Gandhi on 23.10.1984. It is a multipurpose project on the river Narmada with installed capacity of 1000 Megawatt (8X125). Project has been designed to generate 2698 MUs energy annually. The project will irrigate 2.70 lakh ha land annually. As per CCEA sanction the project cost is Rs. 4355.57 Crores (Sept. 2000 Price Level). Due to early commissioning of units, substantial amount of savings has been made in the actual completion cost. The project consists of Concrete Gravity Dam of length 653 meter at top with maximum height (above deepest foundation level) of 92 meter. The dam involved pouring of 14.00 lacs cubic meter concrete. It consists of 12 main spillway blocks and 8 auxiliary blocks with effective width of 20 m each. 20 no. radial gates of size 20 m X 17 m have been erected for regulation of flood water. The surface Power House is situated on the right bank of the river, with Machine hall (202 meter long, 23 meter wide, 53 meter high), service bay (42 meter long, 23 meter wide, 24 meter high) and transformer yard (202 meter long, 20 meter wide) to house 8 Nos. Francis type turbines of 125 MW each. The water conductor system consists of one Head Race Channel of length 530 meter, width 75 meter and depth 50 meter with water carrying capacity of 2200 cumecs. Water enter into turbine from intake structure by 8 Nos. Penstock of 8 meter diameter and 157 meter length each. Water flow capacity of each Penstock is 275 cumecs. After power generation, water is discharged back into river Narmada through 850 m long Tail Race Channel.

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  • Location
District East Nimad, Khandwa
Latitude 22°17'00" N
Longitude 76°28'00" E
Access to Project
Airport Indore 140Km
Rail Head Khandwa 70 Km
Seaport Mumbai 650 Km
Reservoir Level
Top of Dam(TOD) 267.00 m
Max Water Level(MWL) 263.35 m
Full Reservoir Level (FSL) 262.13 m
Submergence Area At FRL 913.48 Sq Km
Crest Level (Spillway) 245.13 m
Max Tail Water Level 196.60 m
Min Tail Water Level 193.54 m
Min Tail Water Level
(i) Head Race Channel
Length * Width 530 X 75 m
Discharge Capacity 2200.00 cumecs
(ii) Penstock
Diameter 8.00 m
(iii) Tail Race Channel
Min Tail Water Level 850 X 30 m
River Diversion Work(Diversion Tunnel) 2200.00 cumecs
Cathment Area 61642 Sq Km
90% Dependable Yield 18.184 Billion m cube
Max Flood Outflow 83543 Cumesc
River Diversion Work(Diversion Tunnel)
Length 390.00 m
Diameter 8.00 m
Design Discharge 368.00 Cumecs
Storage Capacity
Gross 12.22 Billion m cube
Live 9.75 Billion m cube
Concrete Gravity Dam
Total Length 653.00 m
Max Height 92.00 m
Intake Structure
Length 208.00 m
Radial Gates
Size(Nos.) 20 X 17 m (20Nos)
Switch Yard
Switch Yard 400 kV (Open)
Power House
Type Surface
Installed Capacity 8 X 125(1000MW)
Type Of Turbine Francis
Machine Hall 202 X 23 X 53 m
Design Head 60.00 m
  Stage-III Stage-II Stage-III
Power(Initial Phase) 1980 MUs 1095 MUs 876 MUs
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