• 520 मेगावाट ओंकारेश्वर परियोजना ट्रासफार्मर यार्ड

  • 520 मेगावाट ओंकारेश्वर परियोजना – 220 केवी स्विचयार्ड

  • 1000 मेगावाट इंदिरासागर परियोजना विद्युत गृह जनेरेटर फ्लोर

  • 1000 मेगावाट इंदिरासागर परियोजना स्विचयार्ड

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NIT No.LocationDescriptionPublication DatePublication on WebDownload/View TenderDoc
27/1210/2019-20 dated 11/12/2019 Indira Sagar Power Station Tender cancellation 25-Jan-21 25-Jan-21 Download
NHDC/3/C/855/STE-501/21/062 Date: 09.01.2021 Omkareshwar Power Station Date Corrigendum with technical modifications in tender document. 25-Jan-21 25-Jan-21 Download
NHDC/3/C/836/NIT-479/20/1911 Date 02.11.2020 Omkareshwar Power Station Corrigendum no-6 date amendment 22-Jan-21 22-Jan-21 Download
NHDC/3/C/848/NIT-494 /20/2211 Omkareshwar Power Station Corrigendum No-3 “Procurement of spares (Make-Technico) for Fire Fighting System installed at Power House of Omkareshwar Power Station, Siddhwarkut, Khandwa 21-Jan-21 21-Jan-21 Download
NHDC/1C/733/20/0597 Corporate Office, Bhopal Corrigendum No. 8 for Extension of Due dates 21-Jan-21 21-Jan-21 Download
NHDC/3/C/853/STE-499/21/026 Date 04.01.2021 Omkareshwar Power Station Corrigendum no1 date amendment corrigendum 19-Jan-21 19-Jan-21 Download
NHDC/2/C/1308/20/3046-3061 dated 003.12.2020 Indira Sagar Power Station EXTENSION-3 CUM CORRIGENDUM-01 18-Jan-21 19-Jan-21 Download
NHDC 1C 750 20 0859 Corporate Office, Bhopal Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum 14-Jan-21 15-Jan-21 Download
NHDC/3/C/93/NIT- 497/20/2271 Dt 18-12-2020 Omkareshwar Power Station Providing DTH Services at Guest House/Field Hostel of Omkareshwar Power Station, Siddhwarkut, Khandwa (MP) 14-Jan-21 14-Jan-21 Download
NHDC/3/C/844/STE-481/20/1943 Date: 06.11.2020 Omkareshwar Power Station Corrigendum No. 7- Date amendment Corrigendum 14-Jan-21 14-Jan-21 Download
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