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NIT NumberDescriptionPublication DatePublication on WebSale DurationSubmission Date & TimeExtended Submission Date & TimeOpening Date & TimeExtended Opening DateEstimated CostEMDCorrigendum StatusDownload/View TenderDocLink to E-Procurement site
38/1333/2021-22 dt 17/01/2022 Construction of Muktidham at Narmada Nagar near reservoir of Indira Sagar, distt. Khandwa (m.p.). 20-Jan-22 19-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 To 07-Feb-22 07-Feb-22 & 04:30 PM 08-Feb-22 & 04:30 PM 1518315 Rupees 30000 Rupees No Download
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/1873173 Dated: 20-01-2022 Purchase of Miscellaneous Items for 400KV Switchyard at ISPS 20-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 To 31-Jan-22 31-Jan-22 & 01.00 PM 31-Jan-22 & 01:30 PM 1048248 Rupees Please Refer the document No Download Link
NIT No 42/1322/2021-22 Dated 18/01/2022 Replacement of precast concrete cover with steel plate/chequered plate placed on cable trench located at switchyard and intake of Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, District Khandwa (M.P.) 20-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 To 10-Feb-22 10-Feb-22 & 04:30 PM 11-Feb-22 & 04:30 PM 12172986 Rupees 243000 Rupees No Download
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/1873275 Dated: 19-01-2022 Supply of Power and Control Cables AT ISPS 19-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 19-Jan-22 To 29-Jan-22 29-Jan-22 & 05:00 PM 29-Jan-22 & 05:30 PM 6995834 Rupees Please Refer the document No Download Link
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/1856248 Dated: 19-01-2022 PURCHASE OF SUBMERSIBLE AND CENTRIFUGAL MONOBLOCK DEWATERING PUMPS FOR ISPS 19-Jan-22 19-Jan-22 19-Jan-22 To 09-Feb-22 09-Feb-22 & 02:00 PM 09-Feb-22 & 02:30 PM 7011812 Rupees Please Refer the document No Download Link
GEM/2021/B/1815677 Dated: 19-01-2022 Potable water purification system Reverse Osmosis or UV based (Q3) , Domestic Water Heater-geyser - as per IS 2082 (Q3) , Electric ceiling type Fans - as per IS 374 (Q3) , propeller type ac ventilating fan-exhaust - as per 2312 19-Jan-22 19-Jan-22 19-Jan-22 To 02-Feb-22 02-Feb-22 & 11:00 PM 02-Feb-22 & 11:30 PM 347989 Rupees Please Refer the document No Download
Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/1866899 Dated: 17-01-2022 HYDRAULIC OIL SERVO SYSTEM 46 , SERVO PREMIUM CF4 15W40 17-Jan-22 18-Jan-22 17-Jan-22 To 07-Feb-22 07-Feb-22 & 04:00 PM 07-Feb-22 & 04:30 PM 840882 Rupees Please Refer the document No Download Link
GEM/2022/B/1823082 Providing services for spraying of Pesticides to indoor and outdoor premises of NHDC CO Bhopal 14-Jan-22 18-Jan-22 14-Jan-22 To 04-Feb-22 04-Feb-22 & 04:00 PM 04-Feb-22 & 04:30 PM 317865 Rupees Please Refer the document No Download
GEM/2021/B/1787020 Purchase of Firewall Sophos XG230 with Full Guard Subscription for 03 years 13-Jan-22 13-Jan-22 13-Jan-22 To 03-Feb-22 03-Feb-22 & 04:00 PM 03-Feb-22 & 04:30 PM 359883 Rupees Please Refer the document No Download
NHDC/3/C/149/NIT- 577/21/2704 Date: 29.12.2021 Repair and Painting work for Pump House, School, Hospital, Shopping complex, 11 and 33 KVA, Security Hut and Service Building at Urja Vihar Parisar, Siddhwarkut 30-Dec-21 30-Dec-21 30-Dec-21 To 20-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 & 03:00 PM 24-Jan-22 & 04:00 PM 2863549 Rupees Please Refer the document No Download
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