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NIT NumberDescriptionPublication DatePublication on WebSale DurationSubmission Date & TimeExtended Submission Date & TimeOpening Date & TimeExtended Opening DateEstimated CostEMDCorrigendum StatusDownload/View TenderDocLink to E-Procurement site
NIT No 26/1251/2020-21 Dated 03/12/2020 Removal of debris/ dumped stones/ boulders etc. from Tail Pool & Tail Race Channel (TRC) of the Power House of Indira Sagar Dam, Narmada Nagar, Distt. Khandwa (M.P). 07-Dec-20 03-Dec-20 07-Dec-20 To 04-Jan-21 04-Jan-21 & 04:30 PM 05-Jan-21 & 4:30 PM 30610510 Rupees 612000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/4/C-4/CC-39/20/0954 NIT 954 Construction of pipe culverts with approaches at various locations of Gram Panchayat Dhardi for connecting submergence affected villages Guwadi Nayapura Dhardi and Kothmir under OSP district Dewas MP 01-Dec-20 30-Nov-20 01-Dec-20 To 30-Dec-20 30-Dec-20 & 03:00 PM 31-Dec-20 & 03:30 PM 5021651 Rupees 101000 Rupees No Download Link
NHDC/3/C/091/NIT-492/20/2119 dated 27/11/2020 Interior furnishing and other miscellaneous work in NHDC Transit Camp Indore 28-Nov-20 28-Nov-20 28-Nov-20 To 19-Dec-20 19-Dec-20 & 03:00 PM 23-Dec-20 & 04:00 PM 2213257 Rupees 44000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/2/C/1311/20/3011-3025 DATE 28.11.2020 SUPPLY OF SPARES FOR YUKEN MAKE HS LUBRICATION PUMP OF INDIRA SAGAR POWER STATION, NARMADA NAGAR, DISTRICT- KHANDWA (M.P.) TSN- ISPS/P/MW/2020-21/077 28-Nov-20 01-Dec-20 01-Dec-20 To 21-Dec-20 21-Dec-20 & 11:30 PM 22-Dec-20 & 04:30 PM 133000 Rupees 3000 Rupees No Download Link
NHDC/3/C/089/NIT-491/20/2114 Date: 27. 11.2020 Providing Services for Cleaning,Maintenance, up keeping and instrumentation work for Dam Complex and running and maintenance of water supply system and civil works of Power House Complex at Omkareshwar Power station. 27-Nov-20 27-Nov-20 27-Nov-20 To 18-Dec-20 18-Dec-20 & 03:00 PM 23-Dec-20 & 04:00 PM 11015619 Rupees 220000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/088/NIT-490/20/2100 Date: 26.11.2020 Providing Services of Secretarial, Housekeeping, Catering, Security, Sweeping, Cleaning and Maintenance of Lawn at Liaison Office cum Transit Camp, Indore 26-Nov-20 26-Nov-20 26-Nov-20 To 17-Dec-20 17-Dec-20 & 03:00 PM 21-Dec-20 & 04:00 PM 8069486 Rupees 161000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/2/C/1310/20/2983-2997 DATE 26.11.2020 SUPPLY OF SPARES PARTS FOR 2x1000KVA DG SET INSTALLED AT INDIRA SAGAR POWER STATION, NARMADA NAGAR, DISTRICT- KHANDWA (M.P.) TSN- ISPS/P/SY/2020-21/0076 26-Nov-20 01-Dec-20 01-Dec-20 To 21-Dec-20 21-Dec-20 & 11:30 PM 22-Dec-20 & 04:30 PM 666000 Rupees 13000 Rupees No Download Link
NHDC/3/C/090/NIT-489/20/2075 Dated 24.11.2020 Providing and fixing False Ceiling in Switch Yard Office and Panel Room of Omkareshwar Power Station (8X65MW), NHDC Ltd. 25-Nov-20 25-Nov-20 25-Nov-20 To 16-Dec-20 16-Dec-20 & 3.00 PM 21-Dec-20 & 04:00 PM 260087 Rupees 5000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/4/C-4/CC-33/20/0948 NIT 948 Corr I (Extension of Date) Renovation of Shed Hall for operation of water supply and other official works at Resettlement site New Harsood Chhanera under ISP district Khandwa MP 23-Nov-20 21-Oct-20 23-Nov-20 To 30-Nov-20 30-Nov-20 & 03:00 PM 30-Nov-20 & 03:00 01-Dec-20 & 03:30 PM 01-Dec-20 1775221 Rupees 36000 Rupees Yes Download Link
NIT No. 25/1267/2020-21 dated 19/11/2020 RandM and Painting of ISP Guest House at Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, Distt. - Khandwa (M.P.) 21-Nov-20 21-Nov-20 23-Nov-20 To 17-Dec-20 17-Dec-20 & 16:30 PM 18-Dec-20 & 16:30 PM 2192710 Rupees 44000 Rupees No Download
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