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NIT NumberDescriptionPublication DatePublication on WebSale DurationSubmission Date & TimeExtended Submission Date & TimeOpening Date & TimeExtended Opening DateEstimated CostEMDCorrigendum StatusDownload/View TenderDocLink to E-Procurement site
NHDC/4/C-4/CC-30/20/0945 NIT 945 Construction of Pipe culvert and deepening of drain on existing approach road to farmers field at Dhanwanimafi village under ISP district Khandwa MP 21-Sep-20 19-Sep-20 21-Sep-20 To 15-Oct-20 15-Oct-20 & 03:00 PM 16-Oct-20 & 03:30 PM 252861 Rupees 6000 Rupees No Download Link
NHDC/3/C/086/NIT-475/20/1600 dated 18/09/2020 Painting of Draft Tube Gates and Draft tube Groove Covers at Omkareshwar Power Station 19-Sep-20 19-Sep-20 19-Sep-20 To 10-Oct-20 10-Oct-20 & 03:00 PM 14-Oct-20 & 04:00 PM 2827000 Rupees 57000 Rupees No Download
No. NHDC/1/C/731/20/0577 “Survey, Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning along with ROW etc. of 33kV Double Circuit New Transmission Line from “25 MW (13 MW +12 MW) Floating Solar Plant” to “132/33 kV MPPKVVCL Sanawad/ Morghadi Substation, Distt:- Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh” complete in all respect” 14-Sep-20 14-Sep-20 14-Sep-20 To 29-Sep-20 29-Sep-20 & 4.00 PM 30-Sep-20 & 4.00 PM 63240000 Rupees 1265000 Rupees No Download
NIT No 23/1261/2020-21 Dated 02/09/2020 External and Internal Painting of residential quarters including repairing works of sector-A in NHDC Colony area and water proofing work of F-type (single story) quarters at Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, Distt. Khandwa (M.P.) 04-Sep-20 04-Sep-20 05-Sep-20 To 28-Sep-20 28-Sep-20 & 04:30 PM 29-Sep-20 & 04:30 PM 10119692 Rupees 202000 Rupees No Download
NHDC 1C 727 20 0543 Hiring of Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services for support in implementation of ERP solution in NHDC. 01-Sep-20 01-Sep-20 01-Sep-20 To 30-Sep-20 30-Sep-20 & 04:00 PM 01-Oct-20 & 04:00 PM 13570000 Rupees 271000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/2/C/1294/20/2311-2325 Dated 29.08.2020 SUPPLY OF PORTABLE DISSOLVED GAS ANALYZER (PDGA) KIT FOR 400KV GENERATOR TRANSFORMER AT INDIRA SAGAR POWER STATION, NARMADA NAGAR, DISTRICT- KHANDWA (M.P.) TSN: ISPS/P/EW/2020-21/0050 31-Aug-20 31-Aug-20 02-Sep-20 To 28-Sep-20 28-Sep-20 & 10:00 PM 29-Sep-20 & 04:30 PM 459200 Rupees 92000 Rupees No Download Link
NHDC/3/C/818R/NIT-473/20/1463 dated 29.08.2020 Upgradation of existing PC-Server based CCTV systems to integrated Network Video recorder (NVR) based CCTV system installed at Power House, Switchyard and DAM of Omkareshwar Power Station 31-Aug-20 31-Aug-20 31-Aug-20 To 21-Sep-20 21-Sep-20 & 3:00 PM 25-Sep-20 & 04:00 PM 1795000 Rupees 36000 Rupees No Download
NHDC/3/C/085/NIT- 474/20/145 dated 29/08/2020 Clearing Grass and removal of the rubbish at Urja Vihar Parisar, Siddhwarkut 31-Aug-20 31-Aug-20 31-Aug-20 To 24-Sep-20 24-Sep-20 & 03:00 PM 25-Sep-20 & 04:00 PM 148000 Rupees 3000 Rupees No Download
NHDC 1C 729 20 0532 Procurement of Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy for NHDC Ltd. 26-Aug-20 26-Aug-20 26-Aug-20 To 10-Sep-20 10-Sep-20 & 04:00 PM 11-Sep-20 & 04:00 PM 1160000 Rupees Please Refer the document No Download
NHDC/4/C-4/CC-29/20/0944 NIT 944 Construction of approach road with pipe culvert from Resettlement site Ekhand to Ekhand Karoli Tonki road under OSP district Khandwa MP 25-Aug-20 24-Aug-20 25-Aug-20 To 24-Sep-20 24-Sep-20 & 03:00 PM 25-Sep-20 & 03:30 PM 3459137 Rupees 70000 Rupees Yes Download Link
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